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A South Carolina teacher has been forced to resign after a student stole her cell phone and shared her naked pictures with his classmates . . .

The teacher, Leigh Anne Arthur, left her phone on her desk and went out of the class. The student according to her took her phone and opened her phone’s gallery and took pictures of her posing severally in the nude.

As at the time of filing this report, she was still fighting for her job. The student also shared the semi-nude photos of her on social media.

The school’s superintendent is unsure if the recalcitrant student will face disciplinary measures.

Leigh Anne Arthur was told her contract would be terminated if she did not resign.

School officials at Union Country High School, South Carolina, told Leigh Anne Arthur – who had been a teacher at the school for 13 years – her contract would be terminated if she did not resign.

David Eubanks, superintendent of the district, said the teacher was at fault for leaving her phone unlocked on her desk when she went out of the room, according to New York Daily News.

Watch the video news – below:

NEWS: U.S. teacher fired after student stole her nude photos

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