Nigeria don deh use ladder as aircraft step o! – Parrot talks

The Nigerian government ordered a probe on Aero-Contractors airline for using a ladder to disembark its passenger.

The Minister of State for Aviation, Senator Hadi Sirika directed an immediate investigation into the use of an unauthorized equipment by Aero Contractors Airlines at the conclusion of a charter flight to Bauchi over the weekend. Passengers disembarked from the Aero-Contractors’ plane with a ladder.

In reply to the probe, the management of Aero Contractors explained that the passengers who chartered the Boeing 737-500, which landed at the Bauchi Airport on Saturday, chose to disembark via a ladder. According to the management, the passengers said they could no longer wait for the airstairs as they were in Bauchi to attend a wedding. 

The 34 passengers, including the groom, were said to have pressured the pilot that they disembark from the aircraft with a ladder due to the delay.Though the name of the groom was not disclosed, the airline said the angry passengers reportedly forced Capt Nikcevic Vlado to allow them disembark after waiting 10 minutes for the airport manager to provide the airstairs.

NEWS: “The Passengers Who Chartered Plane Chose To Disembark With Ladder” – Aero Contractors

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Parrot talks


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