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Arms contracts scandal: Security agencies may be set to invite ex-military chiefs

Security agencies may have concluded arrangements to invite some former service chiefs who were indicted by the John Ode-led presidential probe committee which probed arms procurement during the Jonathan administration.

Reports indicate that indicted service chiefs would be charged, while those who were not affected may serve as witnesses during the trial of the former National Security Adviser (NSA) Col. Sambo Dasuki (Rtd.) and others.

However, Dasuki in a statement on Wednesday said:

Sambo Dasuki 2

“To set the records straight, Nigerians should appreciate that the AVM Jon Ode-led panel did not invite the ex-NSA under any guise before arriving at its ambiguous findings. At least, fairness demands that the panel ought to hear from Dasuki instead of its recourse to hasty conclusions. If the panel had been more patient and painstaking, it would have been availed of all relevant documents on some of the jaundiced findings.

As if acting a script, the Presidency alleged that the panel accused Dasuki of awarding fictitious contracts between March 2012 and March 2015. Contrary to this claim, Dasuki was not the NSA in March 2012 and could not have awarded any contract in whatever name. The ex-NSA was appointed by ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on June 22, 2012.

All contracts and accruing payments were made with the approval of the President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces. So, there was due process for every purchase in line with regulations guiding arms procurement for the Armed Forces.

The conclusions of the panel were presumptive, baseless and lacked diligence.

While awaiting judicial process on these allegations, it is proper to make some references to show that the Presidency is just desperate to hang some former public and military officers, who served this nation at the risk to their lives.

It is laughable for the panel to assume that four Alpha jets and 12 helicopters were undelivered”

– Col. Sambo Dasuki (Rtd.) Former National Security Adviser (NSA)

1. NEWS: All arms deals were made with the approval of President Goodluck Jonathan – Dasuki

2. NEWS: “It is laughable for the panel to assume that four Alpha jets and 12 helicopters were undelivered” – Dasuki

Parrot talks, again! and again!!

Parrot talks


“Ehh Sambo, so Goodluck approve am? Ojibiti!”

“Sambo, no be laughing matter o!”



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